We’re REAL Certified!

Over the past year Oliver Royale has made it it’s mission to be a leader in the restaurant industry while focusing on creating locally sourced menus, supporting our surrounding community, and promoting health and sustainability in everything we do!

In March of 2017 we received notice that Oliver Royale was awarded the Snail of Approval which honors local restaurants and food businesses that exemplify the principles of Slow Food and contribute to the quality, authenticity, and sustainability of food in our community.  


This year we’re proud to announce that Oliver Royale is now REAL Certified

Following an in-detail audit for healthful and sustainable practice, Oliver Royale has been nationally recognized by the REAL trust-mark for restaurants and food service providers that are committed to promoting health and sustainability within the industry. This certification means that we stand out from others in the industry for our REAL food practices. You, our community and customers, are playing a part in the growing health of not only our diners, but also our nation.

In order to achieve this recognition, Oliver Royale opened its kitchen to a full-scale audit, conducted by a REAL Certified Registered Dietitian. We knew that walking the walk was critical in indicating our commitment to transparency within the food service world but also to our patrons here at home.

In qualifying for REAL certification, Oliver Royale ranks in the top 25% of restaurants nationwide, for our commitment to serving high-quality REAL food. We also meet the following prerequisites:

  • Having a vegetarian entrée on the menu, or clearly stating that a vegetarian substitution can be made at no additional cost.
  • Not cooking or baking with any hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil or fat.

  • Having a menu comprised of entrées that provide a full serving of fresh produce.


Here are some of the specific ways in which Oliver Royale further supports the health of its dining community:

  • Our food preparation is exceptional, largely because of our focus on cooking in-house from scratch, our use of plant-based oils, and our incorporation of healthy cooking practices.

  • Our commitment to ingredient quality is significant, particularly in these categories: sustainably sourced produce, regionally sourced organic chicken, and sustainable seafood.

  • We minimize environmental impact through the following sustainability measures: Snail of Approval certification.


As far as we’re concerned, a win for us is a win for Knoxville! We couldn’t do it without YOU! Cheers to attaining our next best! Keep an eye out for our Spring Menu - debuting soon!