Gearing up for Fall!

With Fall just around the corner, things at Oliver Royale are gearing up for deeper, richer, and bolder flavors. Ingredients such as dried fruits, root vegetables, and citrus fruits will all be making an appearance on the menu with some unexpected additions.



As summer comes to a close, Exec Chef Jon Gatlin begins experimenting with new Fall flavors. 

The passionate foodies in us can’t help but go into WHY we love this season so much. For starters, cooler weather gets us excited about long-term cooking techniques such as braises and confits. A classic braise, cooked at a very low simmer, produces the most tender meat you can imagine. So tender that it can be "cut" with the gentlest pressure from a fork (YUM! Are you drooling yet?), while confit cooking, which has been around way before it became a fine dining staple, is great for meats and vegetables alike.  Then we have citrus fruits which many think is a summer crop. In actuality, citrus fruits such as limes, lemons, blood oranges, and clementine’s all flourish in fall.

Our local farmers continue to be our trusted advisors for this next seasons crops and offerings. Some of these local farmers include Ridge Top Gardens, Hydroponic Farms, Mountain Meadows, Lacewig Farms, Zavel Family Farm, Circle V Farms, Unique Bread Bakery, and Mossy Creek Mushrooms and we’re adding more farmers with each passing month.

You’ve gotten this far in the post so let’s get down to the juicy insider details! Calling all Lobster lovers – a new Mediterranean pasta dish will be making an appearance on the menu, and you guessed it – there will be lobster in it! Also, boneless short ribs are back! This big bold dish that is loved by all is returning a bit early to the fall menu – though we don’t think anyone will be upset about that! These fall menu changes will be mirrored on our lunch and brunch menu’s and rumor has it, a full baking and pastry program is on the horizon for Oliver Royale.

Shh, insider secret!

Is it fall yet? We can’t wait to reveal the next seasons creations. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the day-to-day fun! 

Sondra Richardson