Phoning Home!

We started off this adventure with our feet on the ground, running towards a goal of presenting the people of Knoxville with a restaurant they could be proud of. Details such as the atmosphere, décor, staff, location, and most importantly – food & drinks – were such an integral part of the experience we wanted for our customers, that amongst all of the fun, we forgot to take a moment to “phone” our family and friends.  

We’ve come to call Market Square home which has left little time for dull moments and as if the vibrant scene weren’t already enough, we’re jazzed to see the growth spurt of sorts happening in the dining scene around town. Being one of the new guys on the block has given us margin for continuous learning and improvement. From Patio conundrums, (thanks for your support!) to a lunch and brunch menu that has evolved to something special, we’re grateful to be a part of it all. Our goal is to provide top quality, fresh, and exciting dishes while also contributing to the local economy. We love being a part of this city and we want to help it flourish.




Executive Chef Jon Gatlin and Sous Chef Jared Martin hard at work creating the new fall menu!

We work with a number of local farmers who have been wonderful and receptive to our chef driven concept. Executive Chef Jon Gatlin hand-picks fresh meats and delicious produce and masterfully creates menus based off of what is available for the season. We’re inspired by the ways our vendors are willing to discuss, collaborate, and plan seasonal goods with us so that we can create menus that revolve around seasonality and regional influences. With the fall menu right around the corner – we’re ready and looking forward to seeing big, bold, and rich flavors returning to the menu.


Come on by and try us out! If you feel like we are something to write home about, do it! No, really! Attached to every bill is an Oliver Royale postcard that we mail to anyone in the United States!


Love notes from our guests after a wonderful night out!

So, on that note, we are the Oliver Royale! Can’t wait to have you over for a meal!

Sondra Richardson