New Fall Dishes...and a few surprises for you!


It's been a long time coming, but Fall has made its debut, and it's finally here to stay. While it's been a bit of a transitional challenge with this seasons' high and low temps, we are grateful that we know the area well and our local farmers, too, to help build this season's menu.

This Fall, we honored typical Autumn-worthy flavors like pumpkin, cinnamon, big bold braises, and red wine. But we're not all about the familiar. As you know, we like to straddle over the edge of well, edginess here, like:

What will surprise your palette?

Which aromas will pull you into the dish?

How can we put a spin on a typical plate?

What techniques could we use to bring out the flavors in our meat?

As we answered, experimented, and taste tested, we decided to introduce, and bring back, a few new concept dishes that we feel will delight you and your taste buds. For example, we tried out confit versus braise techniques on a few of our long-term cooking items such as the short ribs and lamb shanks. The result was that the absence of liquid allows for so much more flavor and a much different texture than a traditional braised cut.

So here are some of our favorite dishes that combined techniques, bold flavors, and new concepts to the table:

Confit leg of rabbit
with braised endive, Benton’s bacon, Yukon gold potato mousseline, roasted radishes, roasted cauliflower, and kale

North Carolina trout
with foraged mushrooms, cornmeal-crusted okra, anson mills grits, swiss chard, radish, and tabasco gastrique

Confit lamb shank
with parmesan polenta, butternut and acorn squash, chestnut, gremolata, and confit garlic

Playing around with rabbit, cornmeal, squashes, and other Fall flavors and ingredients were wonderful and exciting, and they gave us an opportunity to create and concentrate on flavor. In turn, we are so happy to produce an amazing dining experience for you! The next time you're in town, sit with us and try one of our new culinary dishes. We love feedback and hearing from our guests.

Psst...the holiday season is closely approaching so be sure to check our upcoming events and make your reservations! We also have some new faces at Royale so be sure to stop by and meet the crew!