The Perfect Space for Your Perfect Day

Do you have a special occasion coming up and need the perfect space to host it? We would be delighted to help make your event even more magical! We cover the space, food, beverages, and we also provide an intimate and modern backdrop to match your event. Read on to find out more...

Our Space

Our modern and sleek space offers the ideal setting for any event. We are especially experienced in bridesmaids’ luncheons, wedding rehearsal dinners, anniversary extravaganzas, and special group celebrations. What makes our restaurant even more ideal is our communal table which extends down the center of our sophisticated black and white floor tile. With the ability to seat up to 28 people, our communal table ensures the optimal family setting with ease to: carry on conversation with relatives and friends, plenty of access points to staff, and lots of space when choosing the family style option with our innovative food and craft cocktails - all of which offer an intimate social and dining experience for your guests!

Food & Drinks to Your Heart's Content

No need to worry about food and beverages when you reserve your event with us - we’ve got that part covered! With every season change, and for every special event, we work with you to develop special pre-set menus to create an unforgettable experience. Our manager and kitchen staff will walk you through our many options: number of courses, types of appetizers and entrees, and selection of our delicious desserts. Need wine and cocktails to accompany your courses? Our knowledgeable bar staff will help you create an excellent welcome-themed cocktail to get your party started! And if you so wish, we also offer an array of exclusive wines for you to choose from.

Get in Touch

If you would like more details or would like to see our space, feel free to contact Casey Brooks at We look forward to making your next event special and memorable!

Sondra Richardson