Shaking it up at the Royale Bar


Who loves a good cocktail? We do!

We don’t just shake it up in the kitchen, folks. We also grudgingly, painstakingly, taste test and devise new concoctions that will knock your socks off. It’s a hard job ;).

In creating and brainstorming the 2018 Summer Menu, we decided to stay true to laid-back summer vibes and created our version of summertime comfort cocktails using our farm friends’ freshest herbs to shake things up a bit at the bar.

We’re all about the twists here at Oliver Royale, so it should come as no surprise that we like to mix things up. Take our Gin Ne Sais Quoi (see what we did there?!). Vodka + champagne isn’t a combo you see often. But voila! - champagne wants us to take risks and so we shall respond! Gin Ne Sais Quoi is our rendition of taking it a bit further, a constant motto in our kitchen. Add a lil’ cucumber jalapeno gin, Ancho Reyes (a spicy liquor), a dash of lime, basil syrup, and chilli oil to create a spicy and yet refreshing cocktail.

Check out the full cocktail menu here. We’d love to hear what you want to try out this summer!


Our Summer Lunch and Dinner Menu will debut next Tuesday, June 26th! Check back here, and Facebook, for the new menu. Just like our new cocktail menu, we decided to stay true to laid-back summer vibes and comfort foods - you’ll see lots of new seafood items and new experiences with our local fruits and veggies.  We are excited to showcase the local and seasonal products from our farm friends with all the varieties of greens, tomatoes, beans, squash, berries, and tree fruits right here in our backyard!

Sondra Richardson