Thoughts as our 1-year Anniversary approaches!

It’s hard to believe that we’re celebrating 1 year since opening our doors on November 9th. It sure has flown by! This year has been filled with so many fun times, getting to meet people way cooler than us, and leaning into the ebb and flow of being first year newbies. Anniversaries are great because they give us an opportunity to look back and see how much we’ve accomplished and learned as a team. 

In a lot of ways, year one took us from our rookie year to pro-level in a very short timeframe. Things such as learning the city’s seasonality trends and what people are doing, when, and why has been the Godfather of all lessons for us. Learning to accurately predict what events in Market Square will do, to local festivals and events, and the bustling theatre scene quite literally had us troubleshooting and improvising on the fly. And let’s not mention what football season wins, losses, and teams that travel well can do! 

Over the course of the year though, these pieces have fallen into place and reminded us to be mindful of the constantly evolving parts and pieces that exist within our doors. We’ve talked and adjusted internally on things such as product quality, cleanliness, lighting, noise level, reservations and seating times, staff motivation and mentoring. 

These things have been so important to our success yet the one we take such pride in is delivering an excellent individual guest experience each and every time. This is both the most important piece of information and hardest one to gather because it requires collecting honest feedback and making the changes necessary to make our customers experience better.  But believe us - we’re making it happen!

Our customers have made choices for us as a restaurant organically. You’ve influenced our service team dress code, our music, our lighting level, our sound level (and newly installed noise-canceling panels), our patio curb appeal, the way we season our food, the way we serve our water, and the hours of operation. All of these things have been changed, altered and adjusted by us simply listening and documenting individual guest experiences. Yes, that’s how much you matter to us! 

Knoxville, going into year two we’ve got our sight set on becoming and remaining to be that local, seasonal, fun, inspiring, and approachable restaurant and team that you love. We’re excited to continue to grow and evolve with this wonderful city and its great people.

Thank you for supporting us through our first year and a special congrats and thank you to our staff on an incredible year come and gone!


In celebration of our 1 year anniversary, we invite you to “toast” with us on 11/9/16 with $5 champagne and $1 draft Yeehaw beer all day long! 


Sondra Richardson